It’s Thursday. Summer is here and it’s all about the toys. Mike, one of my readers is more than ready with a collection of summer toys that cover all the bases. It starts out with a killer combo, a Ford F-350 diesel and camper. Then there’s a pair of ATVs, a motorcycle, and a Kubota. That’s one hell of a collection! Go ahead and check it all out below. And thanks again for sharing all your summer toys, Mike! 


Howdy Keep. Daily visitor for quite a few years now and love the site. When I first saw your request for pictures of summer toys I really didn’t think I had anything to add, but after seeing a few of the other reader’s pics I decided to throw mine in anyway. Use them or not, it makes no difference to me. Although some may not necessarily be just for summer.

I have had multiple ATV’s, snowmobiles and motorcycle through the years but this is my current collection. The bike is not necessarily my favorite. it’s a Chinese built TT250cc. But I bought it specifically because it is light and easy to throw in the back of the truck or even strap to the back of the camper. It’s really a fun little toy for what it cost me.

As for the Kubota, I guess to most that would not truly be consider a toy. But it sure is for me! I live on 20+ acres and I am never at a loss to find ways to make use of it. Makes lots of homeowner project fun and much easier!

The truck of course is my true pride and joy. After having a diesel I don’t think I would ever go back to a gas (or God forbid electric!) powered truck.

My next mission is going to be to restore a late 60’s or early 70’s muscle car. My first car was a 1973 Chevy Nova , 3 speed on the floor with factory bucket seats. I may be wrong but I think that was a fairly rare breed. I of course I pulled out the in line 6 and upgraded it to a 350 4 bolt main with a Holy 4 barrel carb, hopped up cam, dual exhaust, headers etc. You know the drill. I would love to get my hands on something like that again. One more year and my daughter will be off to college which should free up a bay in the garage. I’ll have to put *something* in there, right? Just don’t tell the wife. I have not broken that news to her yet. ?

Hope you get to enjoy the summer and keep up the great work!


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