Weekend Finally

It’s Friday! Okay, it looks like we have more horrific weather coming in for today. If it’s anything like last Friday, it’ll be another dud.

It’s been a long day so I’m going to keep this short. I have some new amateur goodness to feature for today. The person who sent it in wasn’t happy with the quality, but I don’t think that it’s all that bad. And since it does happen to be Friday, the babes and jokes are doubled! Have a good weekend!


Keeper, I’m not good with computers so please be nice! I couldn’t get pictures from my phone to my computer to upload to you, so I used the built in webcam. It sucks but it was the best I could do right now.  I promise that I will somehow figure this all out soon. I hope that you decide to show it anyway or my feelings will be hurt! -Anonymous

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