It’s Monday. That is not my picture. We were supposed to get a nasty snow storm on Friday but it completely fizzled out. I saw a couple snowflakes but that was it. Instead the storm hit further south-east near Indiana where it left motorists in the ditches along I57. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Now that it’s March I’m hoping we’re done with the horrid white stuff.

I caught a few movies over the weekend. A buddy and I saw Cocaine Bear in the theater Saturday afternoon. If you’ve seen the trailer then you probably have an idea just how bizarre this movie was. It was based on a true story about a bunch of cocaine that was dropped from a plane over a Georgia forest and ingested by a 175-pound black bear. I’m guessing everything from that point on was greatly embellished or even completely fabricated, but it was a whole lot of fun to watch!

I also saw the action movie Bullet Train and and Adam Sandler’s Hussle. Both were very good and can be seen on Netflix.

Monday… back to work.


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