It’s Monday. I just opened a new bag of M&M’s Eggs, so I’m ready to do this. As expected, the killer winter storm that was supposed to hit Friday in the Chicagoland area was a dud. Here in the south-west suburbs we had some rain, but that was about it. Then on Saturday night we got a small amount of the horrid white stuff, but it melted by Sunday morning. Good.

Overall it was a gloomy weekend and I didn’t do much other than hang around the house watching some TV, movies, and some gaming. The girlfriend has to go in for some outpatient surgery on Wednesday, so we’ve been laying low and taking it easy until then. We did catch the new Oscar nominated Spielberg film, The Fabelmans, which was very good. Jenna Ortega was also very good on SNL. Then there was the Nascar race in Phoenix which only made me jealous because it was nearly 80 degrees and perfectly sunny—the exact opposite of Illinois.

Oh well, gonna get back to watching the Oscars.


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