Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thursday. Happy turkey day everyone! Like many of you I’m looking forward to a big tasty feast this afternoon with friends and family. But before that, I have a tradition of my own which is my annual viewing of the 1987 John Hughes Thanksgiving classic, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I don’t know how many years that I’ve been watching this movie every Thanksgiving day, but let’s just say that I’ve wore out two VHS tapes before switching to DVD and then moving on to Blu-ray. That’s a hell of a lot of viewings, but like all of John Hughes films, it has laughter, some pain, and plenty of heart. And that never gets old. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


WKRP In Cincinnati

It’s Wednesday. With Thanksgiving nearly here, I thought this classic scene from WKRP In Cincinnati would be perfect for today. If you’ve never heard of the show, it was a television series that ran between 1978-1982. It was a sitcom that centered around the staff of a struggling top 40 radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this scene from the episode titled “Turkey’s Away” Mr. Carlson decides to take a more hands-on managerial approach by doing the greatest Thanksgiving promotion in radio history. It’s actually based on a real event that happened at WQXI, the station many of the WKRP characters were based on. Enjoy!


Big Beaver

It’s Tuesday. Well, what do you know, it’s another Beaver sighting! And this is no ordinary beaver sighting, no sir! Because this is the Big Beaver! It’s not known if this is the biggest beaver sighting, but it’s most definitely a big beaver. Right about now you’re probably wondering where this big beaver was discovered. Well, it should be no surprise that it was found up in the Great White North, where there’s certainly no shortage of beaver. In fact, I hear there’s at least 100 beaver for every Timmies, eh!



I have been a huge fan for years. Thanks for the great site. I live in rural Ontario, Canada and recently took a trip to Windsor where I saw they have the Big Beavers in the City.


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