Drone Tech

It’s Thursday. In the past several years Drones have completely reshaped what is possible in the film industry. Cinematographers can now get shots that were previously impossible or simply too expensive to achieve. This video of a drone flying through the Mall Of America is a perfect example of how drone technology has opened up new possibilities in cinematography.



It’s Wednesday. Ouch. If it were snowing this time of year here in Illinois, I’d probably have the same look of disgust on my face, too.


Keep, Thanks for all that you do. Your site has been my first stop every morning for years. My sister knows that, like you, I’m not a huge fan of the horrid white stuff so you might find this amusing. She sent me this picture of her cat, Buster. It appears that Buster isn’t too impressed with snow this time of year either. Cheers. -Rick

Romain Grosjean’s huge fireball crash

It’s Tuesday. Netflix has an excellent docuseries called Formula 1: Drive To Survive that offers an insider view of the people involved in one of the world’s greatest racing competitions. In this clip from the show they cover one of the most frightening accidents in F1’s history, Romain Grosjean’s fireball crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. Absolutely stunning footage.


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