Hump Day Amateur

It’s Wednesday. We’ve made it to the middle of the work week so I thought some amateur goodness was in order. Enjoy!


Keep, I know that you don’t like the up-close shots but I hoped that maybe you’ll make an exception for my girlfriend. Love your site here and i’m a longtime reader. -Anonymous


It’s Tuesday. Remember 3D Space Cadet Pinball? If you were a Windows XP user back in the day, chances are you wasted many hours playing this free Windows pinball game. It disappeared when Windows Vista was released but someone took the time to create a version compatible with Windows 7 & 10. Whether you’re new to the game or remember it from twenty years ago, Windows users can learn how to download and install the game with the link below. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds to install.


Last of the Summer Heat

It’s Monday. I picked up some autumn essentials recently. I wanted to try out some different brands of pumpkin seeds but Amazon only had them in bulk. So I ended up having to buy multi-packs. Now I have enough pumpkin seeds to get me through at least two or three more years. I opened up a pack of the ones from Island Snacks and they were just okay. I felt they weren’t salty enough, but then I like my pumpkin seeds extremely salty. I’m hoping the Gerbs brand is better. And then we have the candy corn. I know this candy is largely hated by most, but I love the stuff and go through several bags every season. To the haters who believe candy corn to be the worst candy ever made, I say to you: Circus Peanuts. Ack!

Had a really nice weekend with what may have been our final 90 degree day of the year. I’m not ready for the colder weather but it’s coming—and soon.

I checked out an Airplane & Car Show at the Joliet airport on Sunday. There was a huge variety of cars and planes on display and I really enjoyed it. I’ll feature my photos from the show sometime this week.

The Bears beat the Bengals and Kyle Larson won at Bristol… time to tear into a bag of candy corn!


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