Jiemba Sands Compilation

It’s Sunday! I’m taking it easy today with very minimal plans. The rain in Las Vegas is expected to move out today, so I’m hoping to catch the Nascar race. I also have some packing to get started on but that can wait until after the race.

Since you’re on my site you must be taking it easy as well. So, why not check out the Jiemba Sands video featured today? If you haven’t heard of him before then you’ll definitely want to watch this. He can pull off maneuvers with his body that will bend your mind, so take a moment to watch this compilation of his best, and worst!


Beaver Sighting

It’s Saturday! We’ve gone quite a while since our last beaver sighting, so I thought this was a good opportunity to feature a new one.

Usually you guys include some background info when sending these in, but not this time. Nothing. Nada. This one is also a little different being it isn’t a traditional beaver branded product or business establishment. Not a problem, though, because it’s still an official beaver sighting. And, it even looks as though you can actually purchase one of these if ya like. Just stay away from those gloves… not a good look.



Busty Goodness

It’s Friday! And here we go again, another Friday is upon us and I’m counting down the days until I’m outta here. That’s right, next Thursday I’ll be heading down to Florida to escape the Illinois winter and enjoy some time in the sun. And fresh seafood. Got to get plenty of that!

I have another new amateur photo to share with all of you today. It comes from a reader who’s wife probably deals with a lot of back strain. This photo and the usual Friday double babes & double jokes should help everyone start their weekend off right. Enjoy! 


Keep, long time fan of yours with a wife who was willing to show-off what the good lord gave her. Keep this place shakin’ with great babes and raw jokes as always! -Anonymous

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