More Amateur Goodness

It’s Thursday. I have some more amateur goodness to share with all of you today. As always, keep those photos coming in and if your girlfriend or wife is up for it, why not put a Christmas spin on ’em? Some naughty red lingerie or wrapping paper—go ahead and get creative!


Hey Keep-Here are my wife’s beauties. Long time fan – keep it up! -Anonymous

Nude Vette?

It’s Wednesday. One of my readers found this naked Vette parked out among its clothed siblings at The Vette Shop in Pipersville, Pennsylvania. I would hope they bring her indoors soon because the weather in Pennsylvania isn’t kind to Corvettes this time of year, especially to the naked ones! 


Keeper, Love the site! I know how much you love nudes and Corvette! What could be better than a Nude Vette? -Peter

Easy on the eyes

It’s Tuesday. It’s always hard going back to work after a holiday, so I thought I’d feature some amateur goodness to help you through the week and maybe even put a smile on your face. Enjoy!


Keeper, my girlfriend has a set that are very easy on the eyes. See attached and I think you and your readers will agree. Love your site! -Anonymous

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