Taco Doritos

It’s Wednesday. Picked up another grocery order yesterday and once again Taco Doritos were noticeably absent. Most people go for Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, but I’ve been a huge fan of Taco Doritos as far back as I can remember. So why is it they’ve suddenly disappeared from grocery shelves? I’ve tried every grocery store in my immediate area and I come up empty every time. All the other flavors of Doritos are always available but where are my beloved Taco chips? I checked the website and they’re still in the product lineup, so it’s not like they’ve been cut.

I’m wondering if this is a local issue or if others are noticing the same thing. If you see them in your area, drop me a quick note!


One thing that was in stock—candycorn!

Beaver Sighting

It’s Tuesday. One of my readers recently had a beaver sighting out in the wild. This one comes from one of our friendly neighbors to the north in Ontario, Canada. While out at a golf course he snapped this photo of a Busy Beaver Builders van parked in the parking lot. They advertise “Home Improvements & Renovations/Quality Work….Affordably Priced” with a picture of a very crafty looking beaver in overalls carrying a hammer and plank of wood. I don’t know about you but he looks more than qualified and ready to work!


Keep, Long time viewer! Noticed this beaver at golf the other day In Ontario, Canada. Keep up the good work. -Peter


It’s Monday. After an entire week of nothing but chilly, wet, and gloomy weather it finally cleared up on Sunday. I had some buddies over to watch the Bears play their first game of the season against the Lions. We had no idea what to expect but by the end of the first half it wasn’t looking great. And then in the third quarter it got worse and they fell behind. But something happened in the fourth quarter and they came alive—worked their way up from behind and pulled off a win! Had a great time with friends and enjoyed the game. Hell, it almost felt normal again!


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