Back to the movies

It’s Sunday! Well, after a year and a half absence from the theater, the girlfriend and I went out to see A Quiet Place Part 2—and it was fantastic! Skillfully done and well written, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking to get back into the theater, this is a damn good reason to go!


C8 In the wild

It’s Saturday! One of my reader’s recently caught this gorgeous C8 Corvette convertible in the parking lot at his local golf club in Pennsylvania. And damn, it even looks good in plain white! I’m starting to see more of them out on the road which is nice. I’m hoping to see many more of them at the annual Corvette show down in Effingham, Illinois, later this September. It was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, so I’m really looking forward to getting down there this year!


Good morning Keep. First time I have seen a C8 “in the wild” as you would say. This beauty was in the parking lot of our golf club here in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania. -jbk

Auto Show Goodness

It’s Friday! Illinois is now fully open as of today. Restaurants, bars, everything. It feels weird saying that after a year and a half, but we’ve finally made it. 

Today I have a bunch of automotive goodness to share with all of you. The vehicular beauties featured below come from a car show that I attended in Plainfield, Illinois, earlier in the week. It’s a weekly show held throughout the summer that attracts a huge variety of cars and plenty of spectators. Last year it was gone, this year it’s all back and I love it!

So enjoy my photos from the show and since it’s Friday, the babes & jokes are doubled!


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