Goodness of the amateur kind!

It’s Friday! Here in Illinois our spring weather can be a surprising mix of just about anything. Just when you think it’s warming up, we get hit with the horrid white stuff. For instance, today we have sun and low 70s in the forecast. But tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to crash and we’re in for a rain/snow/sleet combo. Not exactly drop top weather, eh? Give it a couple more weeks… hopefully.

Had a huge plate of baby back ribs at a local bar & grill earlier tonight, so my belly is happy and I’m ready to wrap the week up with a set of amateur goodness. These six amateur photos come from a reader who was kind enough to allow me to share his Twitter friend with all of you guys. So, enjoy the photos and the Friday double babes & double jokes!




Keep, in attachments a contribution from me for Daily Comments nudes from followers… a view photo’s from a Twitter friend Mel (@Mel_123xo) -Anonymous

Full Self-Driving


It’s about time! Tesla recently announced the next generation of its autopilot hardware called Full Self-Driving. Simply pick a destination and the car does the rest. It’s currently being installed on new Model S, X, 3 and will offer retrofits to past customers. This is the truly hands-free self driving ability that Tesla owners were promised. Check out a demonstration of Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving mode in the video featured above. 


Time for a trip to Walley World!


It’s Wednesday and it’s time to pack up the kids and hit the road in the Family Truckster! Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions recently sold a replica of the Vacation Family Truckster for a very surprising amount. It came with all the accessories made famous in the film, everything from the dog leash on the rear bumper to Aunt Edna all wrapped up on the roof mounted luggage rack. Go ahead and check out the video to see the Family Truckster in all its glory!


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