That’s Dirty!

It’s Thursday. What has sat for 30 years, has only 11k miles, and badly needs a bath? If you answered this triple-black ’62 Corvette convertible then you would be right! Check out this video where it gets the love and attention it deserves. The results are remarkable.



It’s Wednesday. Apparently this is difficult for some people, but I caught it right away. The only clue is, there’s something hidden in this photo… can you find it?


Dodge Goodness

It’s Tuesday. While I was out early Saturday afternoon, I came across a small car show at a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealership. There were a few Corvettes, but it was mainly a Dodge show with the majority being Challengers and Chargers.  So, if you’re a Dodge fan, you’re going to love the gallery below!


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