A Wish for Wings That Work

It’s Sunday! This is one of my favorite animated holiday shows. It’s by Berkley Breathed who is best known for his comic strip Bloom County. I’m a huge fan of his art and I like to watch his special, A Wish for Wings That Work, every year around Christmas. It’s not very well known as it was only run on television very few times since it came out in 1991. Anyway, it’s only 23 minutes long so give it a watch if ya have the time. Also, see if you can pick out the voice work of Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman.


A Holiday Classic

It’s Saturday! Still makes me laugh…


That’s a wrap

It’s Friday! Here it is December and I’m outside playing with Abby in what is some very unseasonal warmth for the Chicagoland area. It has been warming all week but yesterday it hit 60 degrees and it was just the oddest feeling being out there without freezing my ass off. There’s always that initial cringe when stepping outside and the cold hits your face like a cement truck.  But there was no cringe. Because there was no cold. And as I relaxed my face a huge smile came over me. If only it could be like this all winter.

One of my readers came across this unusual C7 Corvette Z06 near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It appears to be stock with the exception of the wild metallic gold paint. Actually, it’s not paint at all—it’s a wrap. Vinyl wraps have been used for years commercially but are now gaining in popularity for average consumer vehicles. Why wrap instead of paint? Painting an entire car these days is ridiculously expensive and time consuming, especially if you want to change the color. Wraps can be designed on a computer and installed in several hours. Another benefit is wraps aren’t permanent. If you don’t like it, peel it off. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for taking the time to send in the photos, Dave!

Anyway, I suppose that I should get moving on my Christmas shopping this weekend but I doubt I’ll do it. I have zero motivation this year. Yeah, probably last year, too. And the year before that. And…

Double babes & double jokes… enjoy!


Hi, Keep, You posted a picture of my ex a while back and I am sending you these now. I saw this ride near Myrtle Beach, SC and thought you might know more about it than I do. It was in a parking lot and I would assume that it was a sales persons car. No one was around to answer questions. It sure is an unusual finish on this Corvette. -Dave

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