Da Weekend

It’s Monday. The weather was iffy all weekend with numerous thunderstorms and a fair amount of rain. That certainly didn’t help the Chicago Air & Water Show, but they still managed to get it in on both days. The girlfriend and I would’ve liked to have gone but she ended up being on-call all weekend. However, the photo featured on the right came from a buddy of mine who lives in the city and took the shot from his balcony. Pretty cool, eh! 

I caught the Nascar race in Bristol, Tennessee, on Saturday night. Not a bad race. I’m starting to feel bad for Jimmy Johnson, though. No, just kidding, not sorry!


The Mother Road

It’s Sunday! How did Route 66 become the most famous highway in America? I came across this video which answers that question and offers an interesting look at the culture surrounding the great Mother Road. Check it out if you have a few minutes.


Another Beaver Sighting

It’s Saturday! I have another beaver sighting to report! This one comes from Mike, a reader who found this particular beaver in the good ‘ole USA. It’s called Beaver Brother’s Lakeside Cafe and he found it in Darien Lake, New York. It’s Rustic lodge-style eatery in the Darien Lake theme park, offering what they call American grub & breakfast buffet. Sounds pretty tasty to me!


Howdy Keep! Love the site. It’s the first I head when I fire up the PC every morning. Was just out at Darien Lake, NY a couple of weeks ago and had a beaver sighting to share with you. Nothing against our friends up north but I thought it’s about time we have a good old US of A beaver. Please don’t get me wrong, those Canadian beavers are mighty nice as well. 😉 Keep up the great work! Cheers! -Mike

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