Reader’s Rides

It’s Tuesday. Looking good in red! I love when my readers send in photos of their rides and this beautiful 2015 Audi RS7 is a perfect example. It belongs to Kelly, who traveled to Dallas, Texas, to buy it as a birthday present to himself. As if that’s not enough red, he’s also got a red 2002 Jaguar XKR and, well, a red tractor just to keep things interesting! You can read more about the Audi below. Thanks for taking the time to write in, Kelly!


Keep, Been coming to the site every day since almost the beginning. That is a lot of years, and I have to thank you for all the work!

Drove to Dallas at the end of last August ’21 and purchased my 2015 RS7 for my 51st birthday. I LOVE this car! Seems everyone who as any HP in their car feels they need to race me on the highways around KC. I have not lost yet, corvettes, chargers, challengers… It is still stock, pushing 560hp and 516 torque. They say it is a 0-60 car in 3.5 sec. I will say it is a monster to drive with that HP and all wheel drive. Here are some pictures of my Audi and 2002 Jaguar XKR, feel free to post if you wish.

Red Tractor, Red Audi, Red Jaguar 😉 Thanks,

Hurricane Ian

It’s Monday. Guess who is heading down to Florida on Friday? Yep, that would be me. A couple months ago we rented a condo in Panama City Beach for the first week of October. And now there’s a category 4 hurricane churning up the Gulf that’s scheduled to make landfall on Florida’s west coast by midweek. All we can do is sit back and wait to see where this monster hits.

I had a fairly uneventful weekend. On Saturday it was a bit on the chilly side with more clouds than sun, so I spent much of it indoors just goofin’ off. On Sunday I caught the Bears game against the Texans. It was a good game that seemed evenly matched until the very end when the Bears got an interception that gave them the opportunity to field-goal their way to a 23-20 victory. After the game I watched the Nascar race in Texas but put off the 3rd stage until later this afternoon. So yeah, not exactly an exciting weekend but I enjoyed it.


Air/Car Show

It’s Friday! Fall has definitely arrived in Illinois and I’m already not liking it. I was out tossing the ball around with Abby after dinner and it was downright chilly. Being part Sheepdog, she was loving the cool air while I was wishing I had a jacket. It’s just too damn early for this.

I checked out the Air & Car Show at the Joliet Municipal Airport last Sunday. There was plenty of aircraft and cool cars on hand and if you were up for it, you could go for a ride in some of the planes or even a helicopter. I took a crapload of photos while at the show, so I put together a gallery of a few of my favorites below. And, since it is Friday, the babes & jokes are doubled! Enjoy!


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