Motorist Attempts Driving Down A Stairway In Vancouver

It’s Sunday! I’m surprised this actually happened in Canada.

It just seems far more likely to happen down here in America…


The C8 Has Arrived!

It’s Saturday! Hot damn tamale, baby! Chevrolet has finally revealed the 8th generation Corvette and it’s now a mid-engine supercar! Check out the featured video for a quick look and review of all the mechanical goodness!


We’re All Going To Die

It’s Friday! Sure, we’re all going to die SOMETIME. But for those of us caught in the heat bubble that’s currently hovering over the upper-midwest to the east coast, we could be toast by the end of the weekend. The nasty heat and humidity that we’ve been dealing with over the past several days is expected to kick it up a notch starting today. That means we’re looking at a heat index anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. Yeah, it’s going to sizzle!

And speaking of sizzle, today I have a large collection of amateur goodness that I think all of you will enjoy. After all, with the name VoluptuousV, how could you not?

Last Friday I decided to dispense with the usual double babes and instead went with a group of 50. I hope everyone enjoyed that because today I’m doing another 50! The jokes are still doubled, but 50 babes and a collection of 12 amateur photos should wrap up the week perfectly, eh! Enjoy!


Hi Keep, you are looking for some more amateur pics to post. Well, here are a few of my neighbor with benefits 😉 You can post them under her fake name VoluptuousV. -Anonymous

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