What do you do for a living?

It’s Tuesday. Have you ever seen a really nice house or car and wanted to ask what the owner does for a living? That’s exactly what Daniel Mac does on TikTok and he’s built up quite a following doing it. Check out this video where he talks to exotic car owners to see what they do to afford such expensive rides!


Average Weekend

It’s Monday. I had an average weekend. I had to work on Saturday but I did manage to get outside several times to enjoy a little of the unusually warm sunny day.  On Sunday I took it easy watching the Nascar race in Homestead/Miami. Not one of the most exciting races.

So I’m watching the Golden Globe Awards while writing this and I’m not sure why. I love movies but I’ve not been to the theater in over a year due to the pandemic, so I haven’t seen any of the nominated films. They also cover television and streaming but there’s so many different streaming services that no one in their right mind would subscribe to them all. And each one of those streaming services have like 20 or 30 different shows! So damn, that’s just too much.

The girlfriend and I are taking a road trip out to Tempe, Arizona this weekend. We’ll be gone for a couple weeks and at this time I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do my daily updates while I’m away. Need to think about it some more.

Okay, how about we go with a Babemania of 40 strong for today? Why? Why the hell not! Enjoy…



It’s Sunday! My backyard sucks. Travis Pastrana’s does not.


Travis Pastrana has built a reputation as one of the most extreme athletes there is. Part of the reason he’s made it to where he is, is the insane backyard setup he calls Pastranaland. Just outside of Annapolis, Maryland, the massive compound is home to a series of ever-evolving tracks, ramps, and something called a viper pit to keep the motorsports icon and his friends on top of their game.

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