Gun Problem

It’s Sunday! America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has several. After the recent mass shooting at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis, Americans are once again discussing our country’s unique relationship with guns. This video doesn’t attempt to solve the problem. Instead it examines what American gun violence looks like compared with the rest of the world, why it happens, and why it remains such a difficult problem to fix.


100 Car Demolition Derby

It’s Saturday! At first I thought this was silly, but it actually worked!


A Little Logic

It’s Friday! Another weekend is here and it sounds like we might be in for some slightly warmer weather here in Illinois. I’m hoping we do warm up because the girlfriend and I are going to a cookout on Sunday and it’s baby back ribs that are on the menu! Definitely looking forward to that.

I’m a huge fan of logic puzzles and have shared a few here on my site over the years. I had a good time solving this one (actually there are two puzzles) so I thought I’d pass them along to all of you. They claim that 80% of the people who try get it wrong, so take some time and give it a shot. If it hurts your brain then it’s working! Also, the answers are revealed at the end of the video, so you’ll want to pause it to give you time to solve it.

Have a good Friday, enjoy the logic puzzles and the double babes & double jokes!


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