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by The Keeper September 11, 2014



It’s a three day Nascar weekend here in the Chicagoland area beginning on Friday with the truck race, then the Nationwide series on Saturday, and finally the Sprint Cup series on Sunday. That’s a lot of racing, not to mention that it’s also the first race in the Chase, which is Nascar’s version of the playoffs. Now if we can just get some decent weather. Its been rainy lately and yesterday the temperature dropped significantly. The forecast for the big race on Sunday calls for temperatures in the 60s… that’s a little on the chilly side for me.


I thought I’d wrap the week up with some automotive goodness of the classic truck kind. These photos come from Dave, who found this beautiful Marilyn Monroe themed ’58 Chevy Pickup at a car show near Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s far too nice to haul anything but it sure would be perfect for cruisin’ around town and taking to the local shows. Enjoy the photos and since it is Friday, the babe and joke are both doubled!





Keep, I love great themes for a classic restoration and this truck exceeds any expectations. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, but her legend lives on and rides larger than life on the hood of this beautifully painted 1958 Chevy pickup. Fantastic artistry embellishes what could have been just another grey truck at the summer car shows in and near Albuquerque, New Mexico. My hat’s off to the artist and owner. -Dave





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by The Keeper September 10, 2014


Remember Nena’s 99 Luftballons? It was a hit back in 1984. Well, some crafty individual decided to perform the entire song (above) using only red balloons. And strangely enough, it turned out pretty damn good!





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by The Keeper September 9, 2014



A buddy and I stopped by a local car show last Saturday. It wasn’t very large but I was told that my uncle’s latest project (above) would be in the field. Since I hadn’t yet seen it completed, I couldn’t resist swinging by to check it out.


The paintjob on his Impala is beyond words. The fade from top to bottom is flawless. Unfortunately the cameraphone photo didn’t fully capture the impact of the detail. However, next month when it’s at another show I’ll get better photos. Until then, enjoy a few of my favorites from the show.















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