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by The Keeper September 29, 2015


Rednecks. Alcohol. Barbie Cars. More Alcohol. A Big-Ass Hill.


Yeah, you gotta watch this!




Another Awesome Documentary Produced by Barbie Car races at Rednecks With Paychecks. Most cars fail to make it all the way down hill. After someone gets knocked out cold they decide to shorten the track a little bit to the original starting spot. Jeeps, Cadillac escalades, John Deere tractors, Oklahoma state trooper Dodge Charger, and many other barbie toy cars attempt to make it down the hill. Very few drivers got lucky and made it all the way down. The other less fortunate ones were in for flips, tumbling, rolling their way down the hill. Many cars ended up Demolished breaking apart as they smashed their way down the hill. Some of the Barbie cars are Jeeps, Cadillac escalade, hummer, mini quads, Dodge charger, John Deere tractors, and more. Common problems are broken axles, snapped wheels, and even a steering wheel pops off during the downhill races.

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by The Keeper September 28, 2015


Damn. It looks like fall is finally settling into the Chicagoland area for good this time. Our mild temperatures are now a thing of the past as much cooler air moves in from the north. It just seems too early but October is only days away and people in my neighborhood have already put up Halloween decorations. I miss summer already.


I finished watching over 12 hours of automotive goodness yesterday from the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas. It was an incredible show with some of the finest cars I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking it would be fun to fly out there for this show next year. Not that I have the cash to bid on anything, but it sure would be a blast checking out all those incredible cars in person. Might just do that.


Okay, I have some amateur goodness from a reader who’s new to my site. Way to jump right in! Thanks and enjoy!




Keep, how’s it going? I’m new to your web site but i became hooked immediately. The attached picture of my girl is yours to show. Please don’t display my email address. Thanks! -Anonymous


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by The Keeper September 27, 2015


I had a fairly decent weekend if you don’t count the time I spent watching the Bears game on Sunday. Seriously, they suck even more than everyone thought they were going to suck. And this time we can’t blame our overpriced quarterback because he was out due to an injury he sustained last week, something about a broken fingernail I heard. The final score was an embarrassing 26-0. Sad. That was three and a half hours of my life that I won’t get back.


On the brighter side, I caught the movie Everest (pretty good!), went out for dinner with the girlfriend and a friend, and enjoyed the Nascar race in New Hampshire. It was the second race in the Chase and it was dominated by Kevin Harvick, who unfortunately ran out of gas with just 3 laps to go. Kenseth easily took the victory and has officially locked in a position for the next round.


Time to kick back and watch several hours of the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas that I recorded this past weekend!




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