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by The Keeper October 15, 2014



Don’t care for that drab paintjob on your car? No problem, pick up a Sharpie marker and jazz it up…




Sharpie doodles on a car can make for an extraordinary paint job. Thanks to the passion and creativity of his wife, dozens of Sharpies, and roughly 100 hours of hard work, one auto enthusiast managed to transform his ordinary 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR into an amazing work of art.


Collen Kelton, a member of the U.S. Military stationed in Japan, hated the silver color of his R33 GTR, so he let his then-girlfriend (now his wife) Allison doodle over a few scratches on the bumper. The next day, when he saw the stunningly intricate designs she had achieved with just a Sharpie, the duo felt compelled to see their project to the end.


While Collen tuned the R33 GTR’s inner parts, Allison continued her freehand drawings, eventually covering every inch of of the car’s exterior with elaborate swirls, shapes, and dense patterns. After using several clear coats to protect the design, the vehicle was finally complete, not only providing the couple with a sweet ride that attracted attention everywhere, but also serving as a tangible memory of their teamwork and collaboration together.



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by The Keeper October 14, 2014


When it comes to scary Halloween decorations, there are two types of scary: You have scary-funny and then you have scary-i-just-shit-myself. This would be the latter.




Oh how I would love to rig this up in my girlfriend’s closet!


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by The Keeper October 13, 2014



So, nobody wants to read my posts and I should just get to the naked amateur photos?


Okay, fine!


Here’s the latest one…




Anybody got a Kleenex? No, I’m not crying! I got something in my eye… dust or sumthin’…


Keep, Since we all like you’r posts but would all prefer seeing someone’s chick naked instead. Here’s my first contribution! Hope you fellas like. -Anonymous


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