Resident Alien

It’s Wednesday. Anyone ever heard of the show Resident Alien? It’s currently on both the Syfy network and Netflix. It’s part murder mystery and science fiction dramedy that’s based on the Dark Horse comic. The story follows Harry, an alien played by Alan Tudyk (Rogue One, Firefly) that crash lands on Earth and passes himself off as an average small-town human doctor. Arriving with a secret mission to kill all humans, Harry starts off living a simple life… but things get weird when he’s roped into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to better assimilate into his new world in order to carry out his mission.

It’s odd, maybe quirky, but I absolutely love it and it’s mostly because of Alan Tudyk’s portrayal of the alien. Paying close attention to his mannerisms and one-liners is the key. My girlfriend wasn’t really interested at first, but after a few episodes she’s now totally onboard. I highly recommend checking it out.


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