The New Dodge Charger

It’s Thursday. Dodge officially revealed the new redesigned Charger yesterday and they did it with a 10 minute cringeworthy video that stars CEO Tim Kuniskis. In the video, Kuniskis uses the new Charger to travel back in time to meet the Dodge brothers in Detroit 1910. This is where it gets cheesy. For some reason Kuniskis is there to convince the Dodge brothers to continue making cars—which doesn’t make any sense because they obviously already exist in the future. Kuniskis takes the brothers on a drive-through-time sequence where he talks about their cars being under attack by regulators and how they need to fight the system to produce modern electric hybrid muscle cars. I don’t quite get that because other manufacturers have already been making high-performance electric and hybrid cars, many of which fully capable of matching and outperforming what Dodge has specified.

Anyway, all the cheese aside, I think the styling of the new Charger looks unfinished and lacking character. Compared to the current model, it looks too rounded-out and less aggressive. That’s just my opinion, go ahead and check out the video and see what you think.


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