More Amateur Goodness

It’s Friday! We enjoyed a couple days of sun with temperatures in the 50s which is impressive for December in Illinois. However, those days are over and now we’re looking at rain and possibly the horrid white stuff over the weekend. Not really looking forward to that but it’s not like we’re going anywhere anyway. I’m really getting tired of doing practically nothing. I’d kill for a good car show right about now.

Today I have a new amateur photo from one of my readers. Though the pandemic has shut just about everything down, the amateur photos continue to come in. And that’s a good thing because I’m certainly not doing anything exciting to write about, so keep ’em coming in.

Double babes and double jokes… enjoy. 


Keep, giving your readers another favorite view of mine. -Anonymous

At a loss for words…

It’s Thursday. There are no words to express how bizarre this Filipino commercial is. Seriously.


Midweek Goodness

It’s Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week and I thought everyone might like a bit of amateur goodness today. A distraction from all the shit going on in the world these days can only be a good thing, right? Enjoy.


Keeper, allow me to say that you and your website are all right by me. The attachment is from a short video I made. I hope you and your fans like it. Keep the love coming! -Anonymous

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