Ow! Ow! Ow!

It’s Monday. The oppressive heat and humidity has moved on so our weekend was somewhat cool and breezy. The evenings are dipping down into the low 60s and upper 50s. A hint of colder weather to come.

The girlfriend finally tested negative for Covid on Sunday, so she’s back home and feeling much better. Her parents are also over it, as well as my aunt. Luckily my parents didn’t get it, despite being in the same room with my aunt for several hours.

Nascar was in Daytona for a race under the lights on Saturday night. As always, it didn’t disappoint. Whenever they race at a Superspeedway there’s always at least one major pile-up that’s known as the “Big One”. It’s a product of thirty-nine cars all running inches apart at speeds in excess of 190 MPH. While the big one was nasty, it was a two-car wreck in the final laps that scared the crap out of everyone. Ryan Preeceā€™s #41 got into Chase Briscoe’s #14, sending Preece airborne and flipping ten times before coming to rest on its wheels. It was a brutal wreck and unbelievably, Preece climbed out from the car under his own power. It’s an example of the incredibly high level of safety built into these cars. You can see multiple views of the wreck in the video featured above.


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