I’m Melting!

It’s Monday. When I go outside all that can be heard throughout the neighborhood is the whir of the air conditioners. We had some serious heat & humidity move in yesterday that was just nasty. It was so sticky that it felt like everything was happening in slow motion. We get a break today with temperatures in the upper 80s, but then by Tuesday it starts ramping up to triple digits with high humidity. Not looking forward to that.

The girlfriend is still quarantined with Covid at a local hotel. Her symptoms have lessened as the days go by, but she hasn’t been able to sleep. She should be finishing up with the Paxlovid today, but I think she’ll still need to stay quarantined for a few more days yet. Her parents are still recovering themselves.

Then there’s my aunt who recently tested positive. She doesn’t know where she got it from (wasn’t my girlfriend) and she exposed my parents the day before she tested positive. So far my parents are okay, but they’re quarantined now as well.

What a damn mess.


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