Monday Again…

It’s Monday. As always the weekend was too short. We had a mix of cooler wet weather which kinda sucked. Since we were getting heavy rain on Saturday, a buddy and I decided to check out the new horror film “Talk To Me”. Its about a group of friends that discover how to conjure spirits by using an embalmed hand. They get hooked on the thrill of doing it until things turn terrifyingly serious. If you like scary movies, this one does scary very well.

The rain moved out late Sunday morning but clouds and cool temperatures remained. Despite the weather, I decided to check out the car show at the Crossroads Festival. I wasn’t expecting much because it looked like it could rain at any moment, but there were roughly 70 cars that turned up for the show. Not great, but more than I expected. I’ll feature some of my photos from the show in my Tuesday update.

And speaking of rain, that’s what got in the way of the Nascar race up in Michigan. The start was delayed due to rain—and then even more rain got it postponed to today.

And then suddenly it was Monday. Bleh.


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