Automotive Goodness

It’s Friday! Hot damn tamale, baby! Now that spring has sprung, all the toys of summer are starting to emerge from their winter hibernation like this Ford T-bucket hotrod! It was seen in a mall parking lot by Andy, a reader from Regina Saskatchewan. A huge thanks goes out to him for taking the time to snap these photos and send ’em in. I’m looking forward to a nice long hot summer filled with outdoor BBQ and plenty of car shows! And readers, if you see any automotive goodness out in the wild, be sure to take a few photos and send ’em in!

Nascar is at the newly refreshed North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina for the All-Star race this weekend. I’ll definitely be watching that one this Sunday night!

Double babes & double jokes… enjoy!


Hi Keep, I saw this in the mall parking lot up here in Regina Saskatchewan.

Surprising to you HAHA +18C, pure blue sky, ?? can’t see it because of the forest fires in Alberta. I really hope for rain out there.

Back to my pictures, the rad says Ford is it?

Dual carbs on the Flathead 286, and the steering linkage and leaf spring are something else.

Please post to your fans if you see it is worthy. I go to your site every morning with my coffee. Thanks for what you do.


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