Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s Friday! It’s that one day a year when everyone is Irish and the beer is green—Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! So what happens when you take a holiday that’s synonymous with drinking and drop it on a Friday? Yep, even more of a reason to party! I’m sure nothing bad can come from that! (heavy sarcasm) So, if you’re heading out tonight to get your fill of corned beef and green beer, be safe and don’t drive. Grab an Uber instead. And yes, I intentionally didn’t mention cabbage. Seriously, that stuff is nasty, guys.

The girlfriend got through her surgery on Wednesday and everything went well. She’s got some pain but so far it’s been manageable. She has to lay low with ice on the incision for 3 days, so we’ll be taking it easy for the next few days.


Babes & jokes are doubled today… enjoy!

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