New Vette Owner

It’s Wednesday. I’d like to take a moment to welcome Michael, one of my readers, to the Corvette family! He recently purchased this beautiful 2010 3LT Corvette convertible with only 15k miles on it. Congratulations, Michael, you probably already know this but you’re gonna love it!


Hey Keep! I’m a long time fan and am thrilled to share a pic of my first Corvette purchase!  I’ve always wanted one that I can remember and my double nickel age caught up with me. – lol. Just picked up this 2010 convertible 3LT with 15k miles.  She’s beside my 2005 Silverado I’ve owned since day 1 and has 260k miles on it and still a great truck.  NC has great drop the top weather year round and so pumped!! Thanks for a great site!!!

Keep it up!


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