Nice Weekend

It’s Monday. Had a really nice weekend. I spent most of the afternoon with a buddy hanging out at the Big Basin Marina on the Des Plains river. The weather was beautiful and it was fun just kicking back, putting down a few beers, and checking out all the boats that come and go. It’s not by any means a fancy place, but this certainly isn’t Florida on the Gulf. Ya gotta go with what ya got, eh!

After a tough day relaxing at the marina, we picked up my girlfriend and wet out for some tasty BBQ. Nothing goes down better on a warm summer afternoon than 1/4 pound of pulled pork and a side of fries! All three of us left very full and very slowly.

I’ve made a decision to stop posting updates on the weekends. This means I will no longer post my Daily Comments, the Babe of the Day, or the Joke sections on Saturday and Sunday. I will continue doing the weekly updates Monday through Friday as always.


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