The Story of Bon Scott

It’s Saturday! Released less than a week ago, the video featured today is the incredible story of Bon Scott, legendary lead singer of AC/DC from 1974 to 1980. This documentary reveals the man behind the music and his incredible contribution to AC/DC. For the first time hear directly from Bon’s own family, friends, and the band. Even if you’re only a passive AC/DC fan, I think you’ll enjoy the his story along with all the unpublished photography and vintage AC/DC footage. It’s a long way to the top, if you want to Rock ‘N Roll!


In a world exclusive, Australian Story unravels the legend of AC/DC front man Bon Scott, who was on the verge of becoming an international rock star when he died at age 33.

For the first time ever, the program has been granted access to Bon’s family and friends who provide fresh insights into his vulnerabilities and state of mind leading up to his untimely death in London in 1980.

The program features the first interview with Bon’s younger brother Derek and is introduced by Brian Johnson, Bon’s successor with the band.

Bruce Howe, a former bandmate who shared a house with Bon for five years, noticed a big change when he last saw him in late 1979.

“He wasn’t bubbly and laughing. Maybe he’d come to the state where he’d achieved his dream, he found his holy grail, but found that his holy grail might have looked like an empty goblet,” he told the program.

To this day, Bon Scott is considered one of the world’s best rock and roll singers.

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