Mild Warmup

It’s Thursday. It may be October but it looks like many here in the States are enjoying a very mild autumn. Here in Illinois we’ve been in the low 70s and possibly 80s by the weekend! Since it’s still good bike riding weather, I thought I’d feature one of my reader’s rides today. It’s an ’03 Honda 919 owned by Tim in Philadelphia. Hopefully you can squeeze out a few more twisty roads before the cold sets in!


Yo Keep! Way back Philly Burbs Fan from the infant internet days! Been a while since I checked in, but I still look every single day! (first click!) I see you’ve been featuring people’s rides. Well here’s my 2003 Honda 919 and a link to a 5 shot video I made of a recent ride leading up to and over a chicane bridge. Plenty of turns! It’s my first 5 shot video, but I think it turned out pretty good. Try not to lean when watching it! Keep up the good work! -Tom

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