B-17G Flying Fortress 1:3 Scale

It’s Sunday! This is just too cool!

Jack Bally was a veteran and aviation enthusiast with a knack for building and flying kit planes. His list of builds includes a bush plane and a parasol monoplane. But in 1999, he would take on his greatest challenge yet, spending 17 years and 40,000 man hours building a near-perfect replica of a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress in 1:3 scale.

According to the Experimental Aircraft Association, the story goes that Bally and his buddies were enjoying some cold beverages and talking about building one more plane. But instead of building just any plane, they wanted to build something different; something with more than two engines.

Bally initially looked at building a scale B-24 Liberator, but found that it would be tough to scale down. What plane could be scaled down and still work? A B-17 Flying Fortress.


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