Amateur Video Goodness

It’s Friday! The warmup continues here in Illinois as temperatures begin to rise into the 40s and even as high as the 50s by the weekend. That’s damn good news to me and all my fellow winter haters out there. One downside is the massive amount of snow that’s melting is turning everything into one big soggy mess. But I’ll take the watery mess over additional snow and ice any day.

Today I have amateur goodness but not in the usual picture format. Nope, this time is comes in the form of a video! I’m fairly sure hat this is the first amateur video submitted by one of my readers that I’ve ever shared on my site. The couple who sent it in said that it was created just for me at their living room table. And fortunately for all of you, they gave me permission to share it with you as well. Sounds like a good deal to me! (Click on the blue icon to download the video)

Double babes & double jokes every Friday… enjoy!


Hi Keep, Especially done for you this morning at the livingroom table. I enjoyed the view as usual and hope your followers do too… -Anonymous

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