Florida Treasure

It’s Tuesday. Here in Illinois you would not see a beautiful Corvette like this sitting outside in the dead of winter. Why, you ask? Because it would currently be unrecognizable buried beneath the snow and frozen solid. Thankfully this one is in Malabar, Florida, where it was seen by Tom, a reader who caught it lounging outside in the shade. It’s a beautiful 1966 Corvette Stingray convertible in what appears to be Tuxedo Black with silver interior.  Other notable goodies are factory side pipes and knock-off wheels. It’s also wearing a For-Sale sign so it could already have a new home. No matter where it ends up, hopefully it continues to get the excellent care it has become accustomed to.


Hey keep, saw this little beauty in Malabar Fl today and it’s for sale. Don’t have any other info. -Tom

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