It’s Monday. Ack! Well, so much for dodging another major winter storm. The horrid white stuff started to fall Saturday afternoon and didn’t let up until Sunday evening. I don’t know the official amount but it appears to be at least six inches or more. Definitely enough to mess up the roads and cause all kinds of travel related issues. Not for me, though. I’ll be working from my home office where it’s warm and dry. 

If there’s one thing about the snow that I do like, it’s our dog Abby. She loves to run. Just seeing her run flat-out always puts a smile on my face because she enjoys it so much. Put a bunch of snow on the ground and she goes nuts. She runs at top speed looking for the deepest areas and leaping through it fast as possible. Pure doggo joy. So if there is anything about the horrid white stuff that I do like, it’s watching her enjoy it.


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