Lazy Sunday

It’s Monday. I had a fairly lazy Sunday. I got caught up watching the live coverage of the SpaceX Crew Dragon astronauts returning to Earth. When you think about everything that has to go perfectly right to get them up to the ISS and then return them home safely, it just bends the mind. It was a proud moment for the US and I’m glad I watched. I gotta admit, though, every time they referred to the astronauts as “Bob & Doug” I giggled like a little kid! Ya see, I grew up with SCTV and was a huge fan of Bob & Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) and their comedy skit “The Great White North”. I had their Grammy nominated album, saw their movie Strange Brew & purchased the DVD, and even had a Bob & Doug T-shirt (like this one) that I proudly wore so often that it became nearly transparent. Ah yes, the good ‘ole days! 


Take off, ya hoser!


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