That’s Gotta Hurt!

It’s Sunday! Apparently a dealership in Jacksonville, Florida, dropped a customer’s 2-month old 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray off the maintenance lift, heavily damaging the car.

And it gets worse…

The owner found out about it on Instagram!


Well, this has actually happened. “That’s my f@#%ing car, how the hell did this get on Instagram?” Jake Miller, the owner of the midship sports car in the photo gallery, also mentions that it’s “not a broken lift; dumb@ss techs that put it on the lift improperly” are to blame.

According to a long thread on the Facebook group C8 Corvette, this rather unpleasant event took place at a Jacksonville dealership. From the looks of the car park, it’s a Chevy dealership, although it’s hard to pinpoint which one given the photographs that we have.

Group member Brandon Byers mentions that a fellow member of the C8 Corvette community “wants to buy this car as is. That means the insurance repair money you or the dealer get, you can keep it in your pocket legally and sell the car as-is for the lesser value.” Taking into account the loss of use and depreciated value claims, Mr. Miller could cash out two more checks from the insurance company to recoup the money he spent on the vehicle.

Still, how could this happen? How could a dealership do such a big no-no to a customer’s car, one of only a few thousand for the 2020 model year? Adding insult to injury, falling off the lift has damaged the car severely.

Worse still for the dealership, notice the forklift forks under the front of the vehicle. It’s also obvious that someone didn’t set the paddles at the specified lifting points underneath the C8 Corvette, and thus, the rear-heavy car fell off to its demise. On that note, here’s hope Jake will be properly compensated by the dealer and/or insurance company for this pleasantry.

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