It’s Tuesday. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. I spent the afternoon enjoying some good eats with a small group of family. The weather was good until some rain came through, but we were out on a deck with one of those extendable awnings, so a little rain wasn’t a problem. Ate more than I probably should have but when you get your hands on a burger fresh off the grill, what do ya expect?

With Memorial Day now behind us, I suppose that means it’s unofficially Summer now. Surprisingly the thermometer has been trending upward over the past several days around here. In fact, it was so nice on Sunday that I called Allstate to switch the insurance on the Vette from storage to active. We took it out for a spin all afternoon under a beautiful blue sky. After a long cold winter and considering all the shit that’s been going down over the past several months, I can’t tell you how good it felt to get out in that thing! Fuel for the soul, my friends.



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