Hollywood Cars

It’s Thursday. Ever wonder where Hollywood gets the cars we see in films? Chances are they come from Cinema Vehicles, one of the biggest suppliers of cars to Hollywood. Check out the video featured above to see how Cinema Vehicles gets it done!


Wednesday Goodness

It’s Wednesday. Just finished a poorboy soaked in garlic for dinner and now I’m reaching for the bottle of Tums. They try to kill me from within, but they’re just too damn tasty to resist.

We had another sign that Spring is trying to muscle its way in. Yesterday the sun was out and it warmed into the low 70s. It was promptly followed by late afternoon thunderstorms, heavy rain, and then a cold front. But hey, it was nice while it lasted!

Okay, today I have some amateur goodness to share with all of you. And, it just happens to be a mighty fine photo that I know you’ll all enjoy. So, get to it—enjoy!


Keeper, I’d like to personally say thank you for all the work you do keeping your website fresh and funny. It’s unlike any other site I’ve seen and that’s why I keep coming back. I don’t know how you do it day-after-day but I’m happy you do! To show my appreciation I’m including a picture of my girl. Honestly, we would be thrilled if you would include her in your Daily Comments. Thanks so much! -Anonymous

Tiger King Sighting

It’s Tuesday. So my girlfriend was out walking Abby when she came upon a series of homes with unusual Tiger King signs in their yards. She likes to walk different neighborhoods all the time so I don’t recall where she found these, but I thought it was pretty damn funny that someone (actually several) homeowners decided to get together and do this. Kinda creepy, if ya ask me. Check out the gallery below for all six photos.


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