Road Trip

It’s Monday. We got into some serious heat & humidity on Saturday and Sunday. As you know, I love the heat but the humidity made it nearly impossible to be outside on Saturday when the temperature climbed into the mid-nineties. Just for fun I tried washing the Corvette and only lasted about 45 minutes (nearly died) out in the direct sun. Sunday was the same story, but with the addition of one hell of a nasty storm that ripped through the area mid-afternoon. If you tuned in to watch the Nascar race out at the Chicagoland Speedway, then you saw Mother Nature throw a major hissy-fit on the 12th lap, causing a 3 hr & 20 minute rain delay. That was one of the strongest storms that I’ve seen come through here in quite a while.

Okay, we’re on the road today heading to our first stop, Cleveland, Ohio. As they say, Cleveland Rocks, so we’re going to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame! Looking forward to checking out all the rockin’ goodness!



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