Where has everyone been?

Hot damn tamale baby, it’s back! It has been a long difficult journey but I finally have this place up and running again. Why such a long delay, you ask? Well, as many of you will recall, the problem started near the end of February when this site was shut down by my host. They detected malware on my domain and wouldn’t release the website until it was cleaned. I had just left on vacation so there wasn’t much I could do for several days. Once I was settled down in Florida, I had a company called SiteLock take a look at the problem. They found that the infection came from a linked account on the server and were able to clean it up over the course of a couple days. As it turned out, removing the malware was only the beginning of the battle. Not long after I put the site back online, it was again closed by my host who claimed that it was consuming nearly 100% of the server’s resources. This was the beginning of the up-one-day and down-the-next process that went on for several weeks while I struggled to find the cause. And remember that I was doing all of this while I was supposed to be on vacation spending time with the family. 

One night after looking over server logs provided by my host, it was suggested that the excessive drain my site was experiencing could be caused by DDoS attacks. And it was very likely these attacks were coming from my own readers, who’s computers were unknowingly infected by the malware on my site. That’s why I put up the message asking all of you to please check your systems for malware. It was right around this time when I decided to move the site to a new host. To simplify the process and eliminate the possibility of bringing along any malware with the transfer, I chose to leave the entire site behind and start from scratch. So, over the past week or so I built what you see today. I’ve updated the look and nearly all of the framework behind it. There will probably be more changes, but for now I’m mostly interested in seeing how it performs.

I’d also like to say thanks again to all of you who wrote in offering help and kind words. It was nice knowing that my efforts are appreciated. So, to try and make up for such an extended downtime, I knew that featuring just one babe today wouldn’t cut it. So… enjoy!


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