Oddly Soothing

It’s Sunday! I don’t know why but I find watching this video of a glider landing in the rain mesmerizing. If you have a capable rig, it’s spectacular in 4k full screen!


260 MPH

It’s Saturday! There’s fast and then there’s ridiculous-gonna-meet-jesus fast. Check out this video of two guys taking a Bugatti Chiron all the way up to 260 MPH on the Autobahn.

And don’t try this at home, folks. (Providing that you have a Bugatti Chiron, live near the Autobahn, and have massive balls of steel, of course.)



It’s Friday! You may have noticed that my site was down from Thursday late afternoon until Friday afternoon. My host suspended it saying the gallery plugin (NextGEN Gallery) that I use was responsible for a massive amount of traffic that was crippling the server. How this was happening I have no idea. So, while I look into this the plugin will remain disabled. This means that any galleries in my previous posts will be unavailable for now. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal and will hopefully be resolved very soon.

So, being this is a late update, I’ll keep it short. I have some amateur goodness to share as well as the usual Friday double babes & double jokes. Enjoy!


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