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It’s Tuesday

by The Keeper February 13, 2018

All that horrid white stuff that fell over the weekend is going to start melting as temperatures climb into the 40s over the next couple days. It’ll be pretty damn soggy around here as all that crap melts, but I’ll take warm & soggy over the cold any day.


I’m thinking that I’ll go with some new amateur goodness for today’s update. He’s one from a fairly new reader who had no trouble jumping right in.




Keep, I started following your web-site at the advice of a friend over a month ago. I was hooked just as my friend said I would be! I like your daily column, the jokes and your babes are always the best. When I heard that you accept personal pictures to share anonymously with your readers, I knew that I had to jump in on that. I included one of a very special girl of mine in her favorite place to relax after a hard day, our tub! Best regards, sir! -Anonymous

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