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It’s Tuesday

by The Keeper January 3, 2017

That’s it. No more holidays. With the holidays finally in our rear-view mirror, we now move into the long, cold, boring month of January. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I like about January. Get into February and at least things start to improve. It’s not as cold, Nascar returns, and I’m off to southwest Florida for three weeks. Yeah, definitely an improvement over January.


I saw a movie called Swiss Army Man the other night on DVD and I loved it. It was too odd and quirky for my girlfriend, but if you’re looking for something different and have an odd sense of humor, then I think you’ll like it.


How about some amateur goodness for today? This will be the first for 2017… enjoy!




Keep, happy new year! My girlfriend and I are fans and never miss a day. This is our way of giving some love back to our favorite place on the web. Thanks for your daily devotion! -Anonymous


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