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It’s Friday!

by The Keeper August 11, 2017

The Chicago Bears played their first preseason game against the Denver Broncos Thursday night and the sucking began immediately. In the first minute of the game the Broncos easily intercepted the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. A couple minutes later the Bears fumbled the ball and the Broncos recovered it. That one resulted in a field goal. I know it’s early, but this is exactly how it goes every year. It’s not looking good, again.


This Saturday is Cruise Night in Morris, Illinois. I’m hoping to get out there and take in as much of the automotive goodness as possible. And if the weather is good on Sunday, I’d like to get out and put a few miles on the Vette. Them is my weekend plans.


I love wrapping the week up with amateur photos from you guys and that’s exactly what I have for today. Double babes, double jokes, and a new amateur photo… enjoy!




Hey Keep, Wife was able to sleep in the other day and was feeling photogenic. While I was at work she surprised me with this pic and I thought it was worth Sharing. -Anonymous

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