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It’s Friday!

by The Keeper December 30, 2016


This is not a safe time for celebrities. With only a couple days to go until the New Year, it appears that death is stepping things up a bit to make his yearly quota. If I were Betty White or Kirk Douglas, I’d be laying low for the remainder of 2016.


In the video featured above is an item no office should be without, a paper airplane gun! And it doesn’t just shoot pre-made paper airplanes, it automatically creates and launches them directly from the on-board paper tray! Pretty nifty, eh? Check out the video to see it in action.


The Bears will lose their last game of the season playing the Vikings on New Years day. This will be a sad and disappointing end to a truly frustrating season. Next year I say they start the team out at minimum wage and allow them to work their way up based on their performance. Seriously. Is it time for the Daytona 500 yet? Please..!


Double babes & double jokes… enjoy!




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