Beautiful Women, Cars, and Jokes. What else is there?

The Story:


People have been photocopying themselves on the copy machine at work for decades. However, photocopy machines usually turn out a very poor representation of the person/object being copied. This got me thinking about my flatbed scanner. I decided to try scanning a person but I wanted to use a subject that would appeal to all of my readers. So, over the period of one week I had five different lovely ladies over and successfully scanned– what else? Their breasts.


The scans that you will see below were the original five breastscans that I created back in September of 1997. Since then I’ve encouraged my readers to try creating breastscans of their own. All that’s needed is a flatbed scanner and a willing model to scan. Many of my readers have sent in their own breastscans and I’ve featured each of them anonymously here on my site.


My goal was to inspire my readers to follow my example. That's right, if you happen to have a flatbed scanner and know a willing model or two, go ahead and create a breastscan of your own and send it in. All the breastscans that I receive are featured anonymously on my website so there's no need to worry about being identified.


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