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by The Keeper July 28, 2015



One of my readers experienced a delayed HellCat sighting the other day. What the hell is that, you ask? Well, he saw a Dodge Challenger, thought it looked cool, but didn’t realize what he saw was actually really cool! Check out the story below…




Keep, This is AMAZING!!!!! I did not know this was a Hell Cat until I looked at it on my computer just now in full size. It was in front of a local Lowes and I just thought it looked COOL…..I GUESS IT WAS. 1st one I have seen in the “WILD” and if I had known I would have followed them until they stopped so I could check it out!!!!! I am sure you have heard about them at 707hp they are the Highest Output Production Engine to date. A friend was lucky and got a ride in a Charger HellCat with a guy who was writing a review for a car magazine and he said it was an AMAZING RIDE. The only “bad” thing I see about them is you have to get an Automatic Transmission but my friend said it shifts almost like you would a manual. The price on these is supposed to be $58,000 but they are going (if you can even get one) from $70,000 to $80,000 +…..


That is what I want but in Metallic Lime Green like my Old Hot Wheels Car!


I was also told buy a guy that delivers cars to rich people like Celebs and Pro Athletes that the Tesla you featured a few weeks ago had a listed price of $70,000 but he said he had picked some up and even got to take one home and they were more like $120,000+ but for that performance it’s way better than a Bugatti or Lambo price !


The last amateur pic was quite nice as well ! KEEP up the fine work as you know it is appreciated ! As always change the name to protect the “Innocent” !


-HellCat Fan

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by The Keeper July 27, 2015


The needle is in the heat as the Chicagoland area slips back into the extreme heat and humidity for the second time this year. Today is supposed to be the worst, but after that it’s expected to drop slightly into the upper eighties for the rest of the week. Am I pleased? Bet your life I am!


In fact, it’s so hot that even the color of vehicles are changing! Seriously, check out the video above to see a Lamborghini painted with a newly developed paint that changes color when it comes in contact with water! Personally, I think they could’ve picked a different design to show off its capabilities, but hey, it’s still pretty damn cool and will likely start showing up on custom cars.




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by The Keeper July 26, 2015



My girlfriend and I took a roadtrip up to Ann Arbor, Michigan, over the weekend. We spent some time with family, did some shopping and dined in the city, and checked out the University of Michigan. It’s a beautiful area and we really enjoyed our time up there.


On our way home we stopped in New Buffalo to grab some dinner. It’s a very popular town during the summer and attracts people with obscene amounts of money. We got a rooftop table at the Stray Dog restaurant where we had some drinks, tasty food, and relaxed watching the yachts coming in and out of the marina. After dinner we took a short walk across the street to the New Buffalo Beach to take in the sights and soak up a little sun before continuing home. Very nice place. Sure wish I had the money to spend the summer there!


It was a good weekend… however, time to get back to work.




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