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by The Keeper September 18, 2014



I had the day off yesterday and something weird happened… it wasn’t another cold and rainy day! Instead, the sun was out and it warmed up into the mid 70s. I didn’t get much done but I sure enjoyed the day.


I’m heading back down to Effingham, Illinois, this weekend for the annual Mid America Motorworks Funfest Corvette show. If you’re a Corvette enthusiast then you don’t want to miss this show because with over 12,000 Corvettes in attendance, there’s simply nothing else like it. I’ve been going to this show for fourteen years now and look forward to it every September. Good food, entertainment, and more Corvettes than you’ve ever seen in one place make this show unlike any other. I highly recommend checking it out.


It’s the end of the week again so I thought I’d wrap it up with a collection of automotive goodness. These photos come from a reader’s local car group which held a show at Iroquois Locks. Judging from these photos, it looks like it was a good show with lots of variety. Enjoy the goodness and don’t forget that the babes and jokes are doubled today!




Keep, This is our local car group, and their annual car show at Iroquois Locks, on the Seaway. It is roughly 15 miles downstream of Ogdensburg, NY. A friend forwarded me some of his pictures. -Boo




















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by The Keeper September 17, 2014



Here in Illinois our fair weather days are quickly coming to and end. At night it’s already sinking into the low 40s and our highs during the day are struggling to reach 70. While the thought of snow and ice greatly depresses me, it doesn’t seem to bother Roy, a reader who loves to ride and prefers his beer chilled naturally in the snow. I get the feeling he’ll still be riding long after the snow begins to fall.




HEY KEEP…hope you are enjoying your Sunday with some brewskies! DSCI0971I just got done the last page of my book, so I thought I would treat myself with a ride to Windsor Casino on the bike,(Windsor is right across from Detroit, 5hrs the back way.) I hate to say it but before you know it we’ll be back to using nature’s refrigerator. I tell people I am a naturalist, I like my beer cooled naturally, in a snow bank. (I am sure you would agree)…..KEEP up the good work. -Roy

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by The Keeper September 16, 2014


Okay, so the 1st car has steering and a big engine. The 2nd and 3rd car have only brakes and steering. All three cars are chained three feet apart and race against other three car teams on a tiny quarter-mile oval track.


Sound interesting? It’s called the Train of Death. Anything with that cool of a name must be awesome… sign me up!




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