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by The Keeper November 23, 2014



Anyone remember Charleston Chew bars? I used to eat them like crazy when I was a kid. I loved to freeze them and then smack ‘em on the table to break it up into bite sized chunks. Very tasty. Anyway, I had one the other night and on the second bite, I quickly realized why I shouldn’t be eating frozen candy—yep, broke a corner of my tooth off. Now I get to go visit my dentist tomorrow afternoon. Sonofabitch.


Well, believe it or not but Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. And once that turkey is in our belly the whole holiday season hysteria begins. I swear every year that I would get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, and as usual, that’s not going to happen. All I can hope for now is that I can do all my shopping online because there’s nothing I hate more than being at the mall during the Christmas season. Yeah, I’d rather lick a public toilet than go to the mall between Thanksgiving and New Years. Hmmm, maybe this year I’ll just give out frozen Charleston Chew bars.




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by The Keeper November 22, 2014



I hate this time of year. No, not just because it’s winter, but because we’re now in a Nascar dead zone. The 2014 season concluded last Sunday and the 2015 season doesn’t begin until late February, which means no racing action for the next few months.


What the hell am I supposed to do on Sunday afternoons now? Sure, there’s football, but it’s not exactly a good year to be a Bears fan… just ask the dog.




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by The Keeper November 21, 2014


Ever heard of Secret Cinema? Yeah, me either. Apparently it’s a theater group that stages film screenings of popular films while they act out the scenes in sync with the movie. I realize that it sounds stupid, but it’s actually very cool. Take a moment to check out this video of their recent performance of Back to the Future. As you’ll see, it was performed outdoors in a town they transformed into Hill Valley just for this production. Very cool, check it out!


Interested in seeing more past performances? Check out their trailers on the Secret Cinema website.




In August, a Secret Cinema movie production team created its own version of Hill Valley from the 1985 movie, complete with shops, restaurants and hundreds of actors.


The video shows how actors portrayed Marty McFly and Emmett Brown and carried out stunts while the movie played, while a DeLorean and other drove around the audience members.


Jarvis Cocker makes a brief cameo in the promo, which features classic songs from the film including ‘Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis & the News.


Secret Cinema also hint at a potential sequel to the project, as the video ends with a ‘To Be Continued…’ statement in the style of the original films.


The Back to the Future event will be staged in Los Angeles in 2015.

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