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by The Keeper July 31, 2015


Rat-rods have been very popular lately, but how about rat-bikes? Check out the video to see this amazing piece of backyard engineering…




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by The Keeper July 30, 2015


We’ve been enjoying some of the best summer weather of the year lately. Blue skies with temps in the mid-eighties have been very welcome after a very wet and chilly start. No complaints from me!


Okay, I’m short on time today so I’m gonna keep this, well, short! So, let’s get right to it. Enjoy a new amateur photo along with Friday’s usual double babes & double jokes!




Keep, Had some fun with the camera, submit it if you like for your readers, Thanks. -Anonymous


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by The Keeper July 29, 2015


The official release of the Windows 10 upgrade rolled out yesterday. Free to anyone with an existing copy of Win 7 or 8, I decided to give it a whirl and upgrade my Win 7 desktop PC. The process was extremely simple and was completed in roughly 40 minutes. After several hours of use, I have to say that I’m liking it. The press has described Windows 10 as a combination of the best features of Win 7 and Win 8, and I’d have to say that’s right on the money. So far so good.


Here’s something you don’t see every day. The world record for jumping a semi-truck is sixty-two feet. Or, I should say was sixty-two feet! In the video featured above, check out Gregg Godfrey’s record breaking semi-truck jump!




Nitro Circus alum Gregg Godfrey only planned on flying his semi-truck 140 feet or so when he hit the ramp at the 14th Annual Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana on Friday night. He, uh, overshot it by a bit.


Godfrey’s astounding flight measured a full 166 feet, landing Godfrey even further into the record book than he anticipated. The old record was a mere 62 feet. It was one of three records broken that day: Godfrey’s nephew Tanner flew a four-wheel utility vehicle 202 feet over the gap, breaking the old 198-foot record, and “the KaMaKaZie Kid” Levi Troutman ran through 10 walls while on fire, smashing the old three-wall record, The Montana Standard reports.


Somehow, amazingly, the plan was to make the stunt even more awesome: The Montana Standard says Godfrey originally hoped to jump his big-rig over Evel Knievel’s “Red Hauler” tractor-trailer, but the legendary rig wouldn’t fit under the flight path.


No matter: This jump was astounding.

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