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by The Keeper November 21, 2014


Ever heard of Secret Cinema? Yeah, me either. Apparently it’s a theater group that stages film screenings of popular films while they act out the scenes in sync with the movie. I realize that it sounds stupid, but it’s actually very cool. Take a moment to check out this video of their recent performance of Back to the Future. As you’ll see, it was performed outdoors in a town they transformed into Hill Valley just for this production. Very cool, check it out!


Interested in seeing more past performances? Check out their trailers on the Secret Cinema website.




In August, a Secret Cinema movie production team created its own version of Hill Valley from the 1985 movie, complete with shops, restaurants and hundreds of actors.


The video shows how actors portrayed Marty McFly and Emmett Brown and carried out stunts while the movie played, while a DeLorean and other drove around the audience members.


Jarvis Cocker makes a brief cameo in the promo, which features classic songs from the film including ‘Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis & the News.


Secret Cinema also hint at a potential sequel to the project, as the video ends with a ‘To Be Continued…’ statement in the style of the original films.


The Back to the Future event will be staged in Los Angeles in 2015.

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by The Keeper November 20, 2014



The situation out in Buffalo, NY, is going to get worse before it gets any better. Not only are they going to get hit with more of the horrid white stuff today, but dramatically warmer temperatures are expected over the weekend. Picture 7-feet of snow melting suddenly and you get the idea. Yeah, for once I’m glad I’m in Illinois.


Okay, the automotive goodness featured today comes from Errol, a reader who found this beautiful 2014 Chevrolet Stingray at the exit of the TestTrack ride in Epcot. The ride is sponsored by Chevrolet, so that explains why it’s there, and damn does it ever look good! Anyway, enjoy the photos and don’t forget the babes and jokes are doubled today!




Hey Keep, TestTrack (the ride presented by Chevrolet at EPCOT) always has a showroom at the exit. This beautiful white Vette was just mesmerizing —- as was Ariel (The Little Mermaid). Pix attached. Use if you like. Stay warm and happy holidays. -Errol



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by The Keeper November 19, 2014



We warmed up by a degree or two from yesterday, so I guess that’s an improvement. It’s not exactly BBQ weather just yet, but in roughly five or six months I’ll be warming up the grill. Please, someone kill me now.


How about a little amateur goodness for today? This one comes from a reader who really knows how to get his girlfriend’s photo featured on my site…




Keep, first i would like to say thanks for your perseverance. I know of very few web sites that have been running as long as yours and these days that really says alot. Secondly the fact that it has been free all this time without pesky ads is practically unheard of. I applaud you and your work by attaching a picture of my girl’s spectacular rack. Please list it anonymously and may you continue serving the web community long into the future. -Anonymous


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