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by The Keeper June 30, 2015

150623k Indianapolis 500 Official Pacecar 2008


Yesterday we finally got to enjoy a day without dreary clouds or a single drop of rain! This summer (if you can call it that) going a whole day without rain here in Illinois has become a rare thing. Hopefully we can get a few more rainless days in before the end of summer.


This automotive goodness of the Corvette kind was sent in by PJ, who caught this treasure while cruising through Kalispell, Montana. I’ve never been to Montana before but I’m guessing Corvettes are somewhat of a minority among the many utility vehicles and, well, horses! This 2008 Corvette is a Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Edition. Only 500 were made and we now know at least one of them found its way to Big Sky country. Thanks for taking the time to send it in, PJ!




Keep, While cruising through Kalispell, MT, saw this Indianapolis 500 Official Pacecar for 2008 parked outside the Costco store and, of course, thought of you. You are welcome to use all, any, or none of the shots at your discretion. Thanks for all the work you do to Keep us entertained! -PJ


150623L Indianapolis 500 Official Pacecar 2008

150623m Indianapolis 500 Official Pacecar 2008

150623n Indianapolis 500 Official Pacecar 2008

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by The Keeper June 29, 2015


With the growing popularity and affordability of drones, a whole new sport has emerged… and it looks like an awful lot of fun!




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by The Keeper June 28, 2015


Well, we got one nice day out of the weekend and that was Saturday. As for Sunday, it started out okay but quickly turned cloudy and cool with sporadic showers. We have more rain predicted for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. This summer just keeps getting shittier every day.


A buddy and I caught Jurassic World over the weekend. I liked it. I was surprised to see that they didn’t shy away from showing the dino attacks on people. There were deaths and a few were fairly brutal, which is exactly what I think people wanted to see. At least I did, anyway.


Since the weather was crappy on Sunday, I got out my usual munchies and beer for an afternoon of Nascar road course racing in Sonoma, California. It looked like Jimmy-Fucking-Johnson had it in the bag, but a late race decision not to pit left him a sitting duck against a field with fresher tires. It was an opportunity that Kyle Busch gladly took advantage of, allowing him to get his first win of the season. It was a remarkable achievement considering just four months ago Kyle was laying in a hospital bed with a broken leg and ankle! Next up Nascar heads back to Daytona for the 4th of July weekend!




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