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by The Keeper March 3, 2015




We spent the day in Sarasota yesterday. We met friends for lunch at the Columbia restaurant and spent the afternoon doing some shopping at St. Armand’s Circle. We also took a walk over to Lido Beach and soaked up plenty of sun and that fine ocean air. The girlfriend and I did a lot of walking around and it’s a beautiful area. We were checking out some of the homes located near the beach and found a nifty place who’s owners decided to go all out and turn their entire front yard into a private beach! (pictured below) If you want to be close to the beach and you don’t like yard work, then that’s the place for you!


We wrapped up our night by going to downtown Sarasota for dinner. We got a table outside at Mattison’s City Grill where I filled up on Yuengling and brick oven pizza while jamming to the live band. Very tasty!


Had a great time in Sarasota. If you ever get the opportunity to go, I highly recommend checking it out.





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by The Keeper March 2, 2015


Spent the morning and afternoon soaking up the sun by the pool yesterday before meeting friends for dinner down in Cape Coral. Lots of sun and a big meal (lobster ravioli with fresh shrimp) made my belly full and put a smile on my face. Now I’m exhausted and looking forward to getting some much needed sleep.


Today I have a very nice example of amateur goodness to share with everyone. Enjoy!




Keep, My wife and I are happy to hear you made it down to our sunny part of the world. I’ve included a pic of my wife and her new attributes that you are welcome to show on your site. You are the first to see them, other than me of course! We’re long time fans and wouldn’t dare start our day without you. Keep on keeping on! -Anonymous


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by The Keeper March 1, 2015



Had another gorgeous day yesterday. It got up to 82 degrees so we spent the afternoon by the pool relaxing in the sun, watching the Nascar race, and being seriously lazy. It was wonderful! My girlfriend’s sister and husband drove up from Cape Coral to join us for dinner. Had a really great time, I love it down here.


Nascar was in Atlanta on Sunday and it was no surprise to see Jimmy-Fucking-Johnson take the checkers. I don’t know what the deal is, but the guy has some sort of bizarre connection with that track. So be it. Now lets move on to Vegas next weekend!




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