It’s Monday. I hope everyone got their fill of green beer over this past Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. The girlfriend is still recuperating from surgery that she has last Wednesday, so we spent SPD right here at home. She had some homemade chicken soup while I made a tombstone sausage & peperoni pizza. Not exactly an authentic Irish dinner, but it did the job.

Despite some wicked cold and high winds, I got together with a buddy on Saturday afternoon to see Scream VI. If you’re a fan of the series, this latest film does not disappoint. There’s an abundance of violence, suspense, profanity and more quality kills than you can shake a bloody 8-inch butcher knife at. I mention these things because prior to the movie, a young woman entered the theater pushing a stroller with her four children following behind her. If you go to the theater often, you know this is not a good sign. She and her kids were arguing loudly as they took their seats behind us. This behavior would continue through several commercials, trailers, and into the movie. This is probably a good time to point out that the kid in the stroller had to be less than a couple months old. Her other children were all likely under the age of seven. I should also mention that this movie was rated R for extreme violence and profanity. I don’t think I was alone in wondering what the hell this woman was thinking, bringing such small kids to a slasher movie. And did she expect all those children to sit quietly for a two hour film? As you can expect, others in the audience started to become annoyed. I noticed a couple people leave the theater and I knew exactly where they were going. Minutes later they returned to their seats as several theater employees quietly approached the woman. She immediately got loud, criticizing the couple that reported her. The theater employees asked her to leave and she got louder, saying she paid $60 to watch the movie and wouldn’t leave. The people that reported her started yelling at her, asking what kind of mother takes her young children to a movie like Scream. This really pissed the mother off. She began shouting back, telling them to come down and she’d kick their ass. It was around this time when the theater employees started ushering her and the kids out while the mother demanded her money back. As she exited the theater, the audience erupted in applause.

The new Evil Dead (Evil Dead Rise) opens on April 21st. Wonder if she’ll be back?


Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s Friday! It’s that one day a year when everyone is Irish and the beer is green—Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! So what happens when you take a holiday that’s synonymous with drinking and drop it on a Friday? Yep, even more of a reason to party! I’m sure nothing bad can come from that! (heavy sarcasm) So, if you’re heading out tonight to get your fill of corned beef and green beer, be safe and don’t drive. Grab an Uber instead. And yes, I intentionally didn’t mention cabbage. Seriously, that stuff is nasty, guys.

The girlfriend got through her surgery on Wednesday and everything went well. She’s got some pain but so far it’s been manageable. She has to lay low with ice on the incision for 3 days, so we’ll be taking it easy for the next few days.


Babes & jokes are doubled today… enjoy!

Skeleton McSkellington

It’s Thursday. Remember that 12-foot skeleton you bought for Halloween?

That you used for Christmas…

And Saint Patrick’s Day…


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