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by The Keeper September 30, 2014



Car show season is quickly coming to an end for those of us in the Midwest. We have one last major show in early October, but with the way our summer went, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was both cold and rainy.


The automoive goodness featured today comes from a reader who attended the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts’ show in Stowe, VT. The show is in its 57th year and has been featured several times over the years here on my site. What makes this show different from the others is the insane amount of variety. Military vehicles are strongly represented along with everything from muscle cars to the classics. Take a minute and enjoy the photos below!




Hi, The Vermont Auto Enthusiasts put on a huge car show every year in Stowe Vt. This is the 57th year and the best I’ve seen so far. I was busy so I was unable to get as many photos as I would have liked. Over 3K cars and trucks on site as well as a sizeable vendor market. They also have Hot Wheel and valve cover downhill races. (valve covers with roller skate wheels attached) and a fashion show based on the time period of the vehicle. The military group stole the show. And there was a car corral. A field of cars for sale. Some of those are in this photo group. The cars come from all over the north east as well as Canada and the variety was astounding. They also require vehicles entered to do the parade through town. You can imagine 3k vehicles in a small town like Stowe. Saturday evening, main street is shut down for a street dance. Cars, bars and music. Very cool. Youtube has some footage already. Type in 2014 Stowe Car show. Please pick what you want from this pile of photos. They aren’t all great. The light was always changing. I sent reduced version so I would not jam your inbox. If you want high res, let me know and I will send those separately. Unfortunately, I was unable to shoot the fields when they were full. You can see the scope of the show despite that. BTW, Vermont has 21 Craft Breweries and as many wineries. Even the Von Trappe’s (Sound of Music) have a brewery at their complex. Great cars, great scenery. -Anonymous spectator


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by The Keeper September 29, 2014


This is pretty cool. Check out the destructive power of a new type of traffic barrier being tested in this footage. The slo-mo replay is very impressive!



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by The Keeper September 28, 2014



When I was talking about which to watch yesterday, the Nascar race in Dover or the Bears game against the Packers, I neglected to consider a third choice—screw both of those other things and take the Vette out for a spin!


It was just too damn nice of a day to stay inside watching sports, so the girlfriend and I jumped into the Vette and took a spin up to Galena, Illinois. We’ve never been in this part of Illinois before (extreme North-West) and were amazed at the wide open areas and rolling hills. It was a three hour drive but it was a blast running along the steep countryside through very beautiful terrain with the fall colors just getting started. And the Vette just ate up every winding road and curve that was thrown at it.


We spent some time in Downtown Galena among the numerous shops and restaurants before getting some dinner. Then cruised around checking out the rest of the town. It was a great day-trip and it certainly beat the hell out of sitting at home watching the Bears lose to the Packers.







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