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by The Keeper August 23, 2016



It’s a rainy day here in the Chicagoland area but I’m image3not going to let that get in the way of featuring an incredible pair of summer toys that were made to run fast in the sunshine.


The first, in Blade Silver Metallic, is a 2015 Callaway Stingray convertible with 657hp. The second, in Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, is a brand-spankin-new 2017 Grand Sport edition with 460hp. My only question—how the hell does this guy decide which to drive to work in the morning? That’s the kind of problem I aspire to have!





Hey Keep, It’s been a while! Hope all is well. I keep forgetting to email you pics. Had some changes to the Vette garage over the last few years. Pics attached. 2015 Callaway Stingray, 657 hp 639 lbs ft torque and a 2017 Grand Sport that just arrived on 7/27. Post some of the pics or all, up to you.





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by The Keeper August 22, 2016



Italian Racing Red Metallic. That’s what Jaguar calls jag2the color on this beautiful new 2017 Jaguar XE 3.5t and it couldn’t be more appropriate because somehow “red” just doesn’t cut it.


This stunning Jaguar belongs to John, a reader who wanted a summer toy that could also be used in the winter. Though I can’t imagine subjecting this precision machine to the horrors of winter, he made sure that it came equipped with the right options to handle Mother Nature at her worst. Winter or summer, it looks like he’s got both seasons covered in style.


Got a summer toy that you’re proud of? Snap a photo or two and send ’em in before the summer slips away and I may feature it here on my site!




Hey Keep – I’ve been wanting to show off my new ride. 2017 Jaguar XE 3.5t AWD. 340 HP, 0-60 5 sec. I wanted to get a C4, but this compromise allows for fun in winter and summer. Lots of fun to drive with torque vectoring and perfect balance front to back. All surface progress control and adaptive surface response means that I look forward to (I know you are about to cringe) snow!! Love your site, long live The Keeper! -John

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by The Keeper August 21, 2016

I got together with a friend on Saturday night to go out to a nearby dirt track to catch some local racing. Unfortunately, the weather during the day was crappy with several heavy showers throughout the afternoon. So, by the time we were getting ready to go, a last check on their website revealed the races were all canceled due to the rain. It was a bummer but we thought no big deal, we’ll just hang at my place and watch the Nascar race in Bristol, Tennessee, instead.


So we got settled in and turned on the race. The first thing we see is a weather radar screen that was littered with hundreds of green splotches. Sure enough, it was raining in Bristol as well! They tried several times between showers to dry the track, but no sooner would they get it dry and it would begin pouring even harder than before. They eventually postponed the race to the next day, but it wasn’t until late in the afternoon when all the rain moved out of the area and they were able to finally get the race in. In the end it was Kevin Harvick who took the checkers. And in tribute to his boss and friend, Harvick invited Tony Stewart to help celebrate his win and commemorate Stewart’s final race at Bristol, with a tandem burnout. Very cool!


A somewhat soggy weekend but I enjoyed it none the less!




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