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by The Keeper August 4, 2015



The weather was beautiful yesterday and I was in the mood for some automotive goodness, so I snagged my camera and headed out to Plainfield, IL, for their weekly Tuesday night car show.


It had been a while since I last went to this show, so I was hoping to see plenty of new arrivals and that’s exactly what I got! The only bummer about this show is the sun is always setting directly down the street, so getting good clear photos is often very difficult. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites that turned out fairly good… enjoy!




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by The Keeper August 3, 2015


Here’s something that you don’t see every day. Australian stunt rider Robbie “Maddo” Maddison, known for jumping Las Vegas’ Arc de Triomphe and Greece’s Corinth Canal, recently set out on his dirt bike and rode across the waves of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Teahupo’o in Tahiti.


That’s right, I said he rode his dirt bike across the waves. And these are not just any waves. Teahupo’o’s are some of the world’s heaviest. He spent two years working on this and made history along the way.


You gotta see it to believe it.




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by The Keeper August 2, 2015



Spent the day up in Chicago with friends just hanging out and watching the Nascar race at Pocono. Good food and good friends, couldn’t ask for anything more. Well, it would have been nice if Stewart won, but hey, what can ya do?


I have a question for everyone:


On Friday night the girlfriend and I were returning from dinner in the Corvette when we came upon a roadblock that consisted of a bunch of cops. They were diverting some (not all) cars into a school parking lot and I was one of them. When asked why, they simply responded by saying they were performing a “safety check.” They asked for license, registration, and proof of insurance. I handed over everything and they asked where my front license plate was. I told them it was at home and they made us move the car over to a nearby cruiser where the officer wrote me out a citation for the missing front plate. I asked the officer, “So when did it become legal to pull over cars for no reason?” With a stupid look on his face, he said that he didn’t need a reason.


My question is, was this legal? Can they pull you over for no reason and did I have to comply? I’d appreciate any feedback. I can understand if I got pulled over for doing something illegal, but that wasn’t the case.




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