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by The Keeper July 21, 2014



We’re getting our first heatwave of the summer, if you can call it that, because it will last only one day. Seriously, doesn’t it have to last at least two or more days before it can officially be called a heatwave? Idiots. The meteorologists around here are idiots.


Anyway, today I have another Reader’s Ride. This one comes from Phil, who sent in a photo of his beautiful 2012 Harley Davidson Road King Classic HD. Definitely a nice looking bike. I’m noticing that I’m getting more bikes than cars from you guys this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just surprised! If you have a cool toy that you’d like to share with me and my readers, send in a photo or two and be sure to include a few details as well.




Keep, this is my 2012 Road King Classic HD orange and Tequila sunrise orange and yes it’s been in the high 20s to low 30s Celsius, great riding weather. love your site keep up the great work. -Phil


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by The Keeper July 20, 2014



My weekend wasn’t the greatest so I’d like to call a weekend re-do. My Saturday was a total loss. I spent the morning at the optometrist and the entire afternoon at the dentist. Up until recently I’ve had cavities my whole life. I’ve always loved sweets and I wasn’t very particular about brushing and flossing, so my six month exams were always a horror show. A couple years ago I got tired of it and decided to make a change.


I eliminated pop (soda for those of you on the East coast) from my diet, bought one of those SonicCare electric tooth brushes, and started flossing. The difference was immediate. Over the past couple years now I haven’t had a single cavity or gum related issue of any kind. The reason I went in on Saturday was because I had been experiencing pain in my jaw over the past few days. They took x-rays but all they could find was some decay under an old filling. So I had that fixed but it wasn’t the cause of the pain in my jaw. They seem to think it’s a TMJ issue so now I have to try wearing a plastic mouth guard for a week or so at night. Really looking forward to that.


Nascar’s Nationwide series was at the Chicagoland Speedway on Saturday night. I had just returned from the Dentist, so I wasn’t exactly up for heading out to the track. I did catch a few laps on TV but that was about it. I’m looking forward to the Sprint Cup series arriving in September for the first race in the Chase. Hopefully we’ll get the race in this year as scheduled without any rain!


My Sunday was much better. Probably because it didn’t involve a dentist.




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by The Keeper July 19, 2014


My Saturday sucked. I started my day with an optometrist appointment. I was overdue for my yearly exam, so I had to get that out of the way. Everything went well, no issues, but I wear disposable contacts and was running low, so I had to order more. Those and the exam ended up being roughly $300 bucks.


A couple hours later I had a dentist appointment. I’ve been experiencing some pain in my jaw on the right side of my face. They took numerous x-rays but could only find a small bit of decay under a filling, nothing that could be responsible for the pain I’ve been having. So, naturally they wanted to fix the decay in that tooth, so they numbed me up and drilled away. After that, the Doc tells me that my jaw pain could be caused by stressed muscles and ligaments in my jaw. He suggested trying a small plastic mouth guard while I sleep to relieve the pressure on my back teeth. Sounded like a good idea to me because it doesn’t involve drilling, surgery, or anything dramatic like that——until later when I heard how much this mouth guard thing costs——$1,200 bucks! He gave it to me for just $300, but holy shit!


That’s the last time I schedule anything like that on a Saturday again.


Oh, I caught this video the other day, check it out…




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